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        xcmg wheel loader xcmg truck crane zoomlion machine shantui machine construction machinery
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        Xuzhou Focus
        Located in Xuzhou city, Xuzhou Focus Industry Group Co.,Ltd. is a 7years professional supplier of China construction machinery. Famous construction machinery with XCMG, HANTUI, ZOOMLION, SDLG, Hyundai brands is available in Focus.

        Exporting Countries

        Focus products are exported to worldwide such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, South America especially hot in Asia countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Myanmar. As a professional construction machinery supplier, we also have a technical team to help solve machine problem. View More
        Hot Sales
        • XCMG Wheel Loader ZL50GN XCMG Wheel Loader ZL50GN
          Main parameters:
          Rated load: 5 tons
          Bucket capacity : 3.0 m3
          Operating weight:17.5 tons
          Main configuration:
          * Pilot control
          * Air conditioner driving cabin
          * Weichai engine, Shangchai Engine (CAT license),
          Cummins engine
          * Dry drive axle
          * Planetary gearbox, ZF gear box
          * Chinese made tyre
          Optional parts:
          * Grasping grass pliers
          * Sliding fork
          * Standard bucket
          * Side dumping
          * Lignt material
          Blade bucket: 3.5m3 & 4m3& 4.5m3 * 2.5m3
          Mine bucket
        • Shantui Bulldozer SD22 Shantui Bulldozer SD22
          Main parameters:
          Blade capacity 6.4/9/6.8/6.4CBM
          Operating weight:23400/23400/25700/25800kgs
          Main configuration:
          Cummins NT855-C280S10 engine, 162/1800 kw/rpm
          Optional parts:
          Air condition, Single-shank-ripper, Three-shank-ripper , fuel heater
        • Xcmg Truck Crane Qy25k-II Xcmg Truck Crane Qy25k-II
          Main parameters:
          Max. rated total lifting capacity: 25T
          Fully extended boom: 34.9M
          Fully extended boom+jib: 42.3M
          Engine: WD615.329SC8DK280Q3, 213kw
          Main configuration:
          *Wire rope
          *Hirschmann PAT
          *Full dimension cab
        • XCMG Motor Grader GR180 XCMG Motor Grader GR180
          Main parameters:
          Operating weight :15.4 tons
          Moldboard : 3965×610mm
          Main configuration:
          * Shangchai SC8D190G2B1 engine
          * XCMG driving axle
          * XCMG air conditioner driving cabin
          * Imported differential mechanism
          Optional parts:
          * Front mouldboard
          * Rear scarifier
          * Shovel blade
        Spare Parts & Services
        Focus have 7-year experience in construction machinery export and we offer 1-stop sourcing solution. High-quality spare parts with brands as follows:

        * XCMG Spare Parts: XCMG wheel loader parts, XCMG truck crane parts, XCMG crawler crane parts, XCMG motor grader parts, XCMG roller parts, XCMG excavator parts, etc.
        * ZOOMLION spare parts: Zoomlion truck crane spare parts, Zoomlion crawler crane spare parts
        * SHANTUI spare parts: Shantui bulldozer spare parts, Shantui wheel loader spare parts, Shantui motor grader parts, etc.
        * XGMA spare parts: XGMA wheel loader spare parts, XGMA excavator parts.
        * SDLG, LIUGONG wheel loader spare parts
        • TEL:+8615862203425
        • FAX:+86-516-83895529
        • EMAIL:info@cnfocusgroup.com
        • ADDRESS:F13, Building A, Greenland Yinghai, Qingfeng Road, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China (Mainland)
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